Understanding Networks: Traceroute

October 2, 2018 Understanding Networks

I decided to traceroute three of the sites I access the most, from the places I’m at the most.  From both at home in Brooklyn, and from ITP, I tracked facebook, an rpg site I’m a part of, and my itp blog.  To get approximate locations, I used http://geoipinfo.org/ and plotted the locations using https://mapmakerapp.com/   The maps can be found at: https://mapmakerapp.com/?map=5bb2a9167cdb25133544426d5659 Zoomed out view of my traceroute results from itp. Closer view of my results from itp, without the global results TheRead More

Socially Engaged Art & Digital Practice: Public Space on the Internet

September 24, 2018 Socially Engaged Art

Last week we talked about the importance of public spaces, and whether or not you can have a public space on the internet.  In my opinion, everything on the internet is public to at least some degree.  Without taking steps to  protect your space on the internet, you can assume that everything you’re doing is accessible to anyone.   As part of this week’s assignment, we were to create a public space on the internet, and I decided to use aRead More

Designing for Live Performance: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

September 24, 2018 Designing for Live Performance

Reading Hedwig and the Angry Inch using Fuch’s questions helped to solidify my concept questions.  Last week, I did the sentences first, and in hindsight, that might not’ve been very helpful.   I The World of the Play:   The space on this planet is set in the Belasco Theater in NYC, though the musical travels from Hedwig’s beginnings in East Berlin, to Kansas, to the present in New York. The time covered is mostly linear, sympathetically laying out Hedwig’s journey toRead More

Designing for Live Performance: Cornell Box

September 20, 2018 Designing for Live Performance

This week’s assignment was to make a Cornell box that reflected our emotional response to Lasso of Truth.  After reading Carson’s play, I began to jot down ideas, and reactions to it.  The direction the box took was unexpected.  I had a certain expectation about the shape it would take, and what I ended up with was fairly different.  Box in progress Finished box

Socially Engaged Art Practice Ideas

September 18, 2018 Socially Engaged Art

In this assignment, we were tasked with coming up with 3 Ideas that we thought would act as socially engaged art:  One thing that I’ve seen on social media a lot lately is “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people”.  And it’s true, you can’t force people to empathize with people, or force understanding.  In many ways, people fear what they don’t understand. And while, I’m not as naive to think thatRead More

Designing For Live Performance: Lasso of Truth

September 17, 2018 Designing for Live Performance

This week’s assignment was to answer Fuch’s questions for Lasso of Truth, as well as write concept sentences.  I found that I really enjoyed Lasso of Truth.  So much so, that I also picked up Jill Lepore’s The Secret History of Wonder Woman.  Concept Sentences:  Lasso of Truth is about finding and forming relationships.Lasso of Truth is about finding and forming relationships outside of societal norms. Lasso of Truth is about the Inventor’s quest to leave a legacy behind him, bothRead More

Understanding Networks: Socket Game

September 10, 2018 Understanding Networks

This week’s assignment was to design and create a controller that could  connect to a server using a TCP socket connection to play a game. My initial thought was to use some of the skills I’d learned in Social Wearables this summer.  Since I haven’t picked up an muscle sensor yet, I decided to use the homemade pressure sensors we made instead.  To test the idea, I started by connecting a regular fsr to the arduino MRK1000, and worked onRead More

Designing for Live Performance: Small Planet & Empty Space

September 10, 2018 Designing for Live Performance

Elinor Fuchs’ Visit to a Small Planet lays out clear and understandable methods for both reading and interpreting a play, using a series of questions. Rather than make quick judgements about the play, these questions are intended to help you to delve deeper into all aspects of the play.  Curious to see if it would help further my understanding of previous plays, I decided to re-read a play that I’d been assigned this summer.  Even with my preconceived notions ofRead More

Magic Windows: Representative gif

September 8, 2018 Magic Windows

For our first assignment, we were tasked with creating an animation about ourselves.  I chose to animate my name, because both my first and middle names, reflect my parent’s middle names.

Technology, Media, & Democracy Final Project

August 27, 2018 Tech Media & Democracy

Tech, Media, and Democracy Prof. Justin Hendrix Team Members: Cherisha Agarwal Michael Allen Fuller Kellee D Massey Joanna Molloy Joanna Yen My role in the project was to write the code for the web application, allowing keywords in the questions to play videos that corresponded with keywords.